Mrs. Nikki Swisher


Mrs.  Nikki  Swisher
3rd Grade

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Education:  BS from TN Tech in Multidisciplinary Studies Grades 1-8



Experience:  My teaching career began at Farragut Intermediate where I spent 8 amazing years teaching in Knox County, 7 at Farragut Intermediate and 1 year at Brickey Elementary.  After marrying my husband, Michael, and moving to Rocky Top, I felt very disconnected from my students.  I missed seeing my kiddos at church, running into them at the grocery store, and being able to attend their functions.  After many prayers, God opened the door for me to come to Anderson County at Andersonville Elementary in January 2007.  Such a blessing!!!  Six years later, and 3 girls later, my journey lead me to Norris Elementary.  No matter what capacity I am serving, as long as I am around children, it is a true blessing!!


 "In my 4th grade year, I've had the best teacher EVER!  I'm not just saying that.  I mean it.  She has been teaching for 15 years and she graduated from Tennessee Tech in 1998.  She is 37 and was born in Asheville, NC.  She has been married to Michael for 13 years and has been blessed with 3 girls Millie Anne, Kate, and Kinlee. 

"Our classroom is very homey which any one would say that if you were in here 7 hours a day!  She keeps up with it nicely and I really like it.  That is my teacher Mrs. Swisher." by Jordan Fall 2013



My focus:
My ultimate goal is for every child to feel the absolute best about themselves to where they know they can achieve anything!!  I also pray that my students become contributing, well-respected young men and women as continue their education and into the working force.  But most importantly, I desire them to know they are truly loved and appreciated by their #1